Incredible performance
in adverse conditions.

The experimental conditions were unfavorable for the 3D Nano Heater. This is because the size of the 3D Nano Heater that could be manufactured was smaller than that of the heating cable during the experiment. It was necessary to manually attach the 3D Nano Heater to the size of the heating cable. There was a concern that the resistance value would increase in the process of connecting in series like this.

*The higher the foregoing value, the more power is consumed.


Successful Test Results,
Heating with 1/10 Energy.

The heating cable took 9 minutes
to reach 122℉ and consumed 30W power.
However, the 3D Nano heater
reached 122℉ with 3.3W power in 1 minute.

*The experiment consists of
a width of 6.7 in and a length of 39.3 in.
The goal was to reach a temperature of 122℉.

Heating Cable
3D Nano Heater

9 Min.
Time to reach 122℉
1 Min.

Power consumption

You've Never Ever Seen this Before.

We have successfully mass-produced 3D nano heaters, made with copper nanowires. Our innovative process is low-cost and environmentally friendly, and it can be done without vacuum equipment. This means that our heaters can be mass-produced at room temperature, making them more accessible and affordable. The heaters are highly efficient, with energy savings of up to 90%. Commercial production is planned for early 2024.

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